You won’t recognise Tom Holland after this rogue grooming move

The Spider-Man star has dropped a new hairstyle (or lack thereof) on his social media and we’re suddenly rethinking our entire grooming regime.

Consciously or not, most of us do think about how we’re going to style our manes in the morning. It’s quite the challenge: slick it back? Make it into some form of fashionable quiff? Or go really rogue and (attempt to) grow a mullet? So! Many! Choices! But the boldest choice of all is saying adios to it all. Seems like that thought has entered the mind of one of GQ’s favourites, Spider-Man star Tom Holland, as he’s dropped a new hairstyle on his social media. Or lack thereof. Holland has shaved his head and he’s making a solid case for it being the best grooming move of the year.

You’re probably asking: how? Let us elaborate. Remember back in 2001 when David Beckham debuted that Matrix-inspired look? Topped it off with a shaved head. What about Ryan Gosling circa 2017 when he started working on a Neil Armstrong biopic? Same thing. And let’s not forget Aaron Paul, AKA Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad and the freshly dropped El Camino, whose entire appearance revolved around a buzz cut. People loved him for it. Sure, it may be a risky move, but the buzz cut holds a rare form of appeal. Put simply, it shows confidence. Tom Holland is the latest member to join the club, and with some formidable styling (which he certainly has) it works rather well.

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We know, we know, there’s a loss to mourn here. Before the big move, Tom Holland had a great mop of hair that was the envy of our editorial desk. But it looks like he’s done this for his upcoming role in Cherry, a new film by the Russo brothers. And if we apply it to that old saying “Cut your hair, change your life”, we can safely predict that Holland’s next cinematic move is going to be bolder than ever. Watch this space and, while you do, read through GQ’s guide on how to perfect the hairstyle. What’s that sound? I think there’s a buzz in the air.