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Sony has confirmed the PS5 is coming at the end of 2020 – but what do we know about the next-generation console so far?

It’s official! The next-generation PlayStation console is called the PS5 (PlayStation 5) and it’s landing at the end of 2020.

Earlier this year we heard from Mark Cerny, the chief architect on Sony’s next console, that Sony is working on the successor to the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. While he didn’t share the official name or release date, Cerny did shed some light on a few choice details about what we could expect from its hardware.

We found out that the PS5 will still play discs, for one – but as to the exact hardware specifications, and how it will link up with Sony and Microsoft’s plans for game streaming, we’ve remained largely in the dark.


Although, in recent months, Sony has been drip-feeding us juicy titbits such as an official PS5 release window, name and a few details about features.

In addition, we’ve had some surprising leaks, in the form of a Sony-registered patent that seems to show off the PS5’s general shape, button inputs, and cooling vents – though even an authentic design outline could change between now and the PlayStation 5’s late 2020 launch.

Sony made the tactical decision to skip out on E3 2019 this year, with no big announcements at Gamescom 2019 later in the year either. Microsoft has been keener to show off its Xbox Project Scarlett console – which we know is also landing at the end of 2020 – but these early days make the inevitable PS5 vs Xbox Project Scarlett battle still a hazy question to consider.

But with 2020 creeping closer, Sony can only keep the finer details of the next-generation PlayStation so secret – and between the rumored specs, likely next-gen titles, and official features we are aware of, there’s plenty to keep us busy for now.